Hekate’s Garden

Atropa BelladonnaAtropa Belladonna

Hecate’s Garden involves the breadth of vegetal poisons ~ Vandalic arte & Possession: Entheate & enthean Sorcery of Earth’s darknesses through entheogenic gnosis.

The Infernal Godless heeds the bidding for ingress to where Her children indwell.


Shadowed layers proliferate & devour the light with ineludible ferocity.

Red - Black Pantacle

17:46 ~ 9 Septembre 2013
© Ye Venefick Gentyllman
Other respiration: Ann Jachec ~ Dark Matter

entheate, adj.
Obs. Possessed or inspired by a god.


enthean, adj.
Obs. Inspired by an indwelling god.


entheos, n.
Obs. rare. An indwelling divine power; inspiration.


entheous adj.
Obs. divinely inspired.


entheogen, n.
A psychoactive substance of plant or fungal extract,
which is used in a religious ritual.

Oxford English Dictionary

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